Length and Strength!

May, 25, 2017 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

In the posture of the human form, misalignments literally reduce the height of our musculoskeletal system.  They lead to imbalances in the way we use our muscles and place undue stress on our joints.  So our moms urging to stand up straight had quite a lot of merit.  However, there’s more to this complex challenge …

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The Body Speaks

Mar, 30, 2017 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Have you ever noticed the way a person carries them self and had a “sense” for the way they feel?  You may be right or wrong, but we know the way a person’s posture is held is molded by their activity or lack thereof.  In addition, the position of their skeleton is developed by habitual …

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Power in the Rhythmic Breath

Feb, 28, 2017 Annette Bray Uncategorized 2

The breath is capable of enabling alignment, strength and a more balanced nervous system.  We so rarely engage it in its fullest capacity when we disconnect from feeling our own body.  This misunderstanding of our kinesthetic ability is significantly short-changing our health. Rhythmic breathing is the even pacing of the inhale and exhale.  It’s an …

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New Perspective…New Commitment…New Self

Jan, 27, 2017 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Yoga is a practice that asks us to live in the moment…feeling all that arises and taking inventory without judging what is.  It’s surprisingly hard to notice pain and behaviors that aren’t working while simultaneously noticing our compounding reactions to them.  We can quietly and often subconsciously judge what seems to be wrong rather than …

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A Better Running Butt…with Strength!

Oct, 25, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

By Brenna Backe Practicing yoga on a regular basis is a great supplement to any runners training program.  It helps counteract some of the tightness that occurs from the repetitive motion and the high impact of the sport.  But what if some of that tightness, and the injury and pain that comes with it, could …

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Connect…Rather than Resist

Sep, 15, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Ever heard a yoga teacher talk about the issues in our tissues?  This refers to our somatic experience…or the patterns that the physical (soma) body manifests as a result of physical and emotional traumas.  Years ago the connective tissue of the human body was considered extraneous matter when studying anatomy.  Fortunately, the 20th century birthed …

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The Space Inside

Jul, 29, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Within the framework of our bodies lies fluid and space.  Without a healthy dose of both of these, our joints and fascia won’t function well.  Movement and water consumption are 2 ways we achieve this so we have responsiveness and pliability of these structures.  As well, direct release through massage helps us find a more …

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Feel It…To Move It

Jun, 02, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Often the biggest challenge lies in simplicity.  And when it comes to enabling the spine to move well, the simplicity of feeling it can be the linchpin of success.  As a society, we are accustomed to not feeling our bodies so we can move forward at a fast pace and disconnect from discomfort.  And if …

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Breathe Full…Breathe Strong

Apr, 22, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

To breathe fully is to contract the muscle of the diaphragm in its capacity.  We can breathe in ways that do not effectively engage this primary muscle of respiration, but that can limit the opportunity of strength that comes with it.  There are likely more ways that this breath can strengthen the body than can …

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Be IN Your Body

Mar, 24, 2016 Annette Bray Uncategorized 2

What does it mean to be in your body and why is it important?  To be in your body is to feel sensations within, in the present moment.  The alternative, most often, is to live life in the mind and all of its interpretations of existence.  The mind tends to bring negative past experiences and …

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