MoYo Movement Offerings

There are several options for you to experience MoYo Movement!

Private Coaching


Group Classes


Private Coaching

Whether you want to reduce pain or improve movement, private coaching is your best option for maximum results.  Annette will have her eyes and strong sense of perception focused on your strengths and challenges to help you quickly move forward.  You will discover improved body position and stability that will noticeably change your movement in the direction of greater power and freedom.

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MoYo Movement Workshops

MoYo Movement workshops are designed to provide participants with both cognitive and experiential learning.  Workshops are focused on a variety of different topics as it relates to the improved movement of the body.  You will master specific exercises and awareness skills to help you engage, with intention, your physical and emotional body from moment to moment.  

MoYo Movement Self Trigger Point Release and Stabilization

Join Annette Bray, creator of MoYo Movement, as she guides you through a series of poses using tennis balls to release areas of stubborn tension during the first half of this workshop. In the second half, we will engage in an easy, yet strengthening practice of yoga to realign the body in the new positions of release so you can stay pain free under your own power!

May 11th at Earthtreks Golden from 3 to 7pm.  Sign up here…

MoYo Movement Group Classes

Yoga at Earthtreks Golden on Tuesdays 12:00 noon and Thursdays @ 6:00 and 7:30 pm.

Yoga at Earthtreks Englewood on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon.