The How of MoYo Movement

What is MoYo Movement?  And how did the idea unfold?  As so many creative endeavors come to be, so mine began with my experiences and the trial and error of seeking a better solution.

MoYo Movement stands for mobility yoga and the meaning of the word is heart in the Swahili language.  Our need to keep the body fluid increases with age as our bodies lose flexibility unless we regularly engage in exercise that challenges our range of motion.  As well, most humans live through some degree of trauma that alters the way we interpret and experience our world.   Be it of a physical or emotional source, the form of the body mimics our trauma reaction.  And here in lies a story that can be solely a source of pain…or the catalyst for growth and transformation.

I’d like to say that my story is one of ever unfolding growth and transformation with a good sprinkle of pain thrown in.  I too, have experienced trauma of one form or another that has shown up as both physical and emotional discomfort.  I’ve therefore come to develop MoYo Movement as a pathway to unravel the binding nature of unresolved trauma.  I believe physical movement can beget the movement of stagnant emotions; particularly when engaged in alignment and with body (somatic) awareness.  And with this movement of stagnant emotions I guide clients through a forgiving (heart centered) process to positively change their experience and the behavioral choices around their trauma.  Understanding the source can certainly shed some light on the mechanics of how we move and hold our posture.  But ultimately, connecting to the body in the moment where the story of how trauma was handled, holds the true resolution.

My own path of healing through body aware movement has shifted my body from pain and given me more insight to creatively resolve relational challenges within myself and with others.  Without this connection to the body in the present moment, our minds run the show and cycle through patterns of fear and disconnect.  MoYo Movement bridges that space between the body and the mind to re-integrate them both in the present where we can relax, enjoy and seek out the possibilities of fruitful change.

Trauma feels like a big word to most.  And the truth is that trauma can be big, broad or served to us in a slow drip of fast paced living where we disconnect from presence to ourselves and others.  It runs the gamut, but nearly all humans will be affected by it at some point or another.  It molds our behavior in a way that stumps us in finding solutions to relational challenges.  But the other truth is, that when we resolve it bit by bit, it can bring us greater connection and authenticity that we ever imagined possible and a physical form that shows up to tell a new story.

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Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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