Monthly Archives: July 2020

Why Somatic Movement?

Jul, 27, 2020 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Would you like to break a pattern of movement and emotion that has stuck to you like glue, yet doesn’t feel good?  Since these patterns have largely been subconscious for years, the avenue to change is awareness.  So if the physical tissues in our body reflect how we experience life on an emotional level, tuning …

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What About the Nervous System?

Jul, 02, 2020 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

When we think of a strong body, we think of one that shows shape and can move mountains.  We associate our muscles with this and we tend to think in terms of the content of these structures in the pursuit of this coveted strength.  But muscle and its encasing fascia is one (even if vital) …

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