Annette’s Path


Living in the full spectrum of life’s experiences is what the practice of yoga asks us to engage in.  Being in the body, in the mind and in emotional presence without relenting to the desire to escape these feelings brings growth.  In committing to this process, Annette has found relief from physical and emotional pain and has gained more connection to self, others and the activities she has passion for.  She began sharing her love of movement in 1996 when she attained her degree in kinesiology.  And her many years as an avid outdoor enthusiast furthered this desire to help others find joy in engaging their body.  For the past 18 years she has worked as a corporate wellness manager, a personal trainer with an emphasis on corrective exercise and an exercise physiologist for orthopedic and cancer patients.  Her focus has always been on improving quality of movement and tending to the interconnectedness of all parts of the human form.  Personal life experience brought her to the place of seeking another tier of wisdom: the interweaving of the physical and spiritual body.  Her study of yoga began in 2009 with Jeanie Manchester and the alignment focused study of Anusara.  What has grown from this collective study of east and west is the marrying of the disciplines of biomechanics and yoga.   From this personal and professional experience grew the idea to create MoYo Movement which brings together the biomechanical principles of mobility and the mindful discipline of yoga.  Annette loves to see her students develop better function and mindfulness in their physical form.  This progress towards better movement allows them to sustain joyful lifelong activity: the pursuit of which she believes to be vital to a connected human experience.