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Change Happens When We Feel!

Oct, 12, 2020 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

I’ve been coaching individuals for over 20 years utilizing yoga, physical rehab, sport and strength training and somatic movement.  And there is one truth I believe which weaves its way through all of these: when we “feel” what’s holding us back and we “feel” the new we want to create, we begin to change.    The …

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Why Somatic Movement?

Jul, 27, 2020 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Would you like to break a pattern of movement and emotion that has stuck to you like glue, yet doesn’t feel good?  Since these patterns have largely been subconscious for years, the avenue to change is awareness.  So if the physical tissues in our body reflect how we experience life on an emotional level, tuning …

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What About the Nervous System?

Jul, 02, 2020 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

When we think of a strong body, we think of one that shows shape and can move mountains.  We associate our muscles with this and we tend to think in terms of the content of these structures in the pursuit of this coveted strength.  But muscle and its encasing fascia is one (even if vital) …

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Spine – Function and Feeling

Jun, 25, 2019 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

Our dynamic spine has the capacity to move with a fluidity that only this 25 joint column can create.  By design, it’s supposed to be both mobile and stable within its natural range of motion.  Its natural range is one that allows the joints to maintain space so that cartilage is uniformly decompressed and the …

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Body Safe, Mind Wise

Apr, 18, 2019 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

In the big picture, individuals in a community feel safety and freedom when they each know their basic needs are being taken care of.  They feel safe around others in their own skin and have a sense of freedom to do the things that are innately important to them.  It takes a body in some …

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Feel Peace…Create Release

Jan, 30, 2019 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

The process of loosening tension in the body is far more than a mechanical process.  It’s a biochemical and neurologic interplay with the muscles and connective tissue (fascia) of the body.  We will have some success in releasing the areas where our tissue is stuck and not gliding or lengthening as is functional.  But often …

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Stuck in the Body…Stuck in Emotion

Sep, 03, 2018 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

As our physical body presents restriction to us in the form of pain or discomfort, we tend to find ourselves in a postural position that reflects this sensation.  Our body and emotions tend to mirror the experience of limitation with one another.  We can use the avenue of the body or mind to access peace …

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Connection…is Happiness

Jul, 22, 2018 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

I’m told, and I believe, that nurturing close relationships is an avenue to genuine feelings of happiness.  And copious research shows this to be true for humans across the board.  The long-term Harvard study showed that the quality and accessibility of relationships was a bigger predictor of mortality than smoking.  In short, disconnection is bad …

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Finding Safe Haven in Self

Apr, 14, 2018 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

We tend to look outside ourselves when we’re looking to feel that sense of openness and safety. We wait for the right moment to choose this vulnerable emotional expression. And reality is, this moment may never arrive. What if that security came from within your own skin? What if that safe haven resides in a …

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How Release Works!

Mar, 15, 2018 Annette Bray Uncategorized 0

To know how to release the tightness of our bodies connective tissue (called fascia), it helps to understand how we find our way into this bound up way of living first.  Release is effectively an unwinding of this process of poor posture and movement patterns.  In the world of somatics, we don’t feel it’s absolutely …

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