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How to Drive Our Movement

Mar, 09, 2012 Annette Bray Yoga Articles 1

The muscles of our skeleton are like the axles of a car and the nervous system is like the motor, except the human body is infinitely more complex. The healthy rhythm of the nervous system is elemental to pain-free movement. And breath control is a key player in maintaining this. Many of us have learned, …

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Functional Movement Patterns – The Missing Link(s)

Feb, 04, 2012 Annette Bray Yoga Articles 4

We are each born into this world with innate tendencies to develop our bodies and minds in a way that enables our being to not only survive, but thrive. If we are allowed that precarious balance between freedom and boundaries, we develop in a rather instinctual way and movement is a part of this process. …

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Preventing Injuries with Peak Form

Jan, 20, 2012 Annette Bray Yoga Articles 1

Start the New Year Off in Alignment In addition to traumatic injuries, the aches and pains we accrue over the years are the result of wearing that is aggravated by poor biomechanics. Our body’s function changes after traumatic occurrences such as car accidents, athletic injuries and emotional life events such as the loss of a …

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