Change Happens When We Feel!

I’ve been coaching individuals for over 20 years utilizing yoga, physical rehab, sport and strength training and somatic movement.  And there is one truth I believe which weaves its way through all of these: when we “feel” what’s holding us back and we “feel” the new we want to create, we begin to change.    The decision to commit to this process and the action it takes establishes the new trajectory.

Yes, we want to act on educated instruction, but when our internal compass is guiding us to act in a way that supports what we need in the moment, we have precision.  This connection to our body allows constructive guidance that builds on what is needed.  We have the feeling wisdom of the body to express whether there is readiness for the way or the degree to which we are asking for change.

For example, if we have hip pain, we may need to release some tightness in certain muscles and fascia and improve function of the hip through activation.  This investigation can begin with educated instruction from a trainer, physical therapist or other coach to know what may be too restricted or what’s not activating.  But when we seek to release and re-acquaint ourselves with how to move functionally, we would benefit profoundly from feeling what’s happening.  If we are guided to release an area of the glut muscles, when we remain present to feel how the body experiences this discomfort, we adjust to improve the outcome.  And we may find feelings of anger, frustration or disempowerment surface within the physical sensation.  Allowing these to be felt in the moments allows it them to move and transmute.  And then the experience of activating happens as we come to know and “feel” how to be stronger and smoother in our actions.  See how this works…

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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