Finding Safe Haven in Self

We tend to look outside ourselves when we’re looking to feel that sense of openness and safety. We wait for the right moment to choose this vulnerable emotional expression. And reality is, this moment may never arrive. What if that security came from within your own skin? What if that safe haven resides in a body that feels safe and available to take risks that are guided by the wisdom of intuition?

Our bodies encompass the story of how we have responded to our life’s experiences. From our tight muscles and fascia to our overactive nervous systems that dictate this, we have created physical patterns that reflect our self-perceived wellbeing. The importance of coming back to the baseline of safety can’t be overstated. This in no way negates the need to authentically feel when we experience loss, grief, betrayal, disempowerment or any other emotion brought on by the events of our lives. In fact, the embodied expression of these feelings is a part of the path to resolving the physical binding of them. And it’s from the safe haven within ourselves that builds the foundation to release what holds us back.

Finding this place in ourselves is simple yet not as easy as it may seem. It’s a disciplined practice to access a more consistent feeling that all will be well despite physical and emotional pain. Accessing this through the avenue of the physical form ensures that the unaware patterns of body tension and reactive behavior can we brought to light. In this light, different choices can be made that re-structure the body to find alignment and empower us and those we connect with.

So what does it take to access this place we call resource?…

In short, a daily practice of engaging your felt sense to experience good sensations. The truth of our being is that comfort and discomfort co-exist at the same time. When we access those sensations that we interpret as positive, the more challenging ones can eventually come to the surface to transform. Begin here with this simple tool to feel what this really means.  Practice this short exercise…

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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