MoYo Movement™

MoYo Movement

MoYo Movement™ stands for mobility yoga and means heart in the Swahili language.  Each time we move we increase mobility and allow freedom to come to the body.  As we free the body we enable better alignment and stability to support it.  When we engage in these actions with present moment awareness, we incrementally improve how we feel in our body as these actions circularly support one another.  And as we do so from the self- compassion of the heart, we improve our relationship with success and strife with the wisdom of the body as a guide.

Phase 1 -MoYo Movement Phase I allows you to establish a new foundation with your body and develop a new feeling connection you’ve never had before!

5 weeks

Phase 2 - Phase II is all about getting you to feel inspired and empowered to take new action. Within this, you will feel more connected to your body and know that,regardless of what happens, you will be safe to explore.

5 weeks

This program is perfect for those who are ready to feel self-empowered and explore new options available to you in life through connection to body and spirit.

Is it time for you to experience a significant shift?