“I thoroughly enjoyed the MoYo movement class. I learned techniques to help my body release tension and relax. I left each class feeling more grounded aware of my body, and this stayed with me for several days after each session. More importantly, Annette’s encouragement and examples have helped me to incorporate using resources like my breath and my senses to increase my groundedness and presence in every day life. Thanks!”
Kelly T., client

“Annette’s classes were always a peaceful highlight of my week.  She and the group created a space for me to fully focus on the moment and movements at hand, and to truly show up authentically no matter what I was feeling or going through that day. What I gained most from the class was simple yet meaningful: a greater ability to listen to, respond to and connect with my body in a way that felt healing and loving.  Thanks Annette!”
- Sunleaf H., client

“I recently attended one of Annette’s MoYo Movement somatic workshops, and I was blown away by the practice. I truly believe this is a useful tool for personal well-being and reconnecting to the inner self. During the practice, I entered a meditative state. I felt as though I was able to obtain a better understanding of dynamics within my body, even after a first time 2 hour workshop. I look forward to continuing this practice as it is beneficial and valuable to achieving my desired outcomes.”
- Jen L., client

“Through Annette’s incredible guidance, I’ve learned tools and techniques to find a new level of connection and awareness in my own body through the combination of somatics and movement. Rooted in a place of safety and non-judgement, what she has taught me has been invaluable for effecting positive changes both physically and emotionally. I’ve gained a new practice of mindfulness and presence that can be used to meet all of the joys and challenges in everyday life.”
- Christine G., client

“I’ve been a student of Annette’s since she first offered Yoga classes. Based on my previous experience with Annette as a Physical Trainer, I was not surprised to learn that her keen eye and outstanding kinesthetic intuition would be a powerful combination as a Yoga teacher. But I was surprised and delighted by the elegant and practical infusion of Yoga philosophy, and by the thematic approach that Annette incorporated in every class. If you want to learn Yoga, get a stronger, more limber body and a lighter heart, I encourage you to seek Annette’s talented instruction.”
- Stephen Arnold, Client

“Annette’s approach to yoga and personal training goes above and beyond typical stretching and strength and conditioning because she emphasizes the importance of the true quality of movement, improving overall body mechanics. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
- Lindsay Benson, Physical Therapist

“I had some pretty nasty knee pain for a few months before I saw Annette and it made it really difficult to bend my knees past a 90 degree angle. I wasn’t able to garden, which I love doing, and I would get very sharp pains seemingly out of nowhere if I changed direction walking too quickly. After just a few sessions I was able to fully bend my knees again without any pain and I also lost the hesitation I felt from a general feeling of instability. I can garden again and just be generally more active, which is great! Annette is really lovely and easy to get along with and I really enjoyed and looked forward to our sessions together.”

- Tania Barsky, Client

“After I started playing lacrosse in high school, I started to develop shin splints. Thinking it was a part of the game (and the whole ‘no pain no gain’ mentality) I decided to just deal with it. I continued playing through out high school and I joined the club team once I got to college. After playing for a year at the club level, the pain got so bad it hurt to walk around campus. I went to Annette to see if she could help me in any way. After two sessions with her, I incorporated rolling tennis balls on my arches, using the foam roller all over my body, and she helped to change the way I run. I can honestly say that it changed my life. I no longer want to rip my shins out of my legs due to the pain and I enjoy going to practice and going on runs now!! Thanks so much Annette!!!”
- Alyssa Carmelli, Client

“As an older woman I have learned that it is important to keep my body strong in order to be able to continue doing the physical things that give me pleasure. Annette Bray is a major provider in my program to achieve and maintain my capacity to stay active. Initially, she helped me address and overcome injuries to both shoulders and to one hamstring. Now, through regular participation in her yoga class for beginners, I proceed with the gradual work of strengthening my core, developing better balance, and becoming more flexible. Annette is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, approachable, accommodating and committed. I appreciate tremendously the contribution she makes to my life as a person and as a health care practitioner.”
- Helen Browne, Client