Why Somatic Movement?

Would you like to break a pattern of movement and emotion that has stuck to you like glue, yet doesn’t feel good?  Since these patterns have largely been subconscious for years, the avenue to change is awareness.  So if the physical tissues in our body reflect how we experience life on an emotional level, tuning in to sensations and feelings reveals the patterns we have operated from.  So the cliché rings true…awareness is the first step.

Our bodies were meant to move.  We can move well and with freedom or we can move poorly with discomfort.  The practice of somatic movement asks us to slow down to feel the internal experience involving physical and emotional information.  The opportunity to choose differently from this awareness is really a gift we’re giving our body and mind.  In my firmly held belief, somatics is a profound tool on this path.

We can engage a movement of the body by acting on external direction.  This has immense value, especially when guided by someone who has an understanding of human anatomy and movement.  However, couple this with feeling sensation and you become informed of subtle adjustments which; if made, will move your body and emotions through resistance that prevents the new pattern from taking root.  And…you begin to feel the valuable input of connecting your body meaningfully to its external support as well as its own alignment.  This facilitate better feeling position and movement.

Our foot connection demonstrates how somatic awareness changes the way we engage.  See here…

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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