Body Safe, Mind Wise

In the big picture, individuals in a community feel safety and freedom when they each know their basic needs are being taken care of.  They feel safe around others in their own skin and have a sense of freedom to do the things that are innately important to them.  It takes a body in some kind of movement to live out these dreams.  On a smaller scale, the internal safety that each of us feel in our bodies will be reflected in the physical form we occupy.  It will present as either restriction and pain or moving energy and freedom.

We think it all has to do with our outer environment.  And true to this, our state of physiologic presence is absolutely impacted by what’s coming at us in our environment.  But how we react to incoming stimuli and the rate of healing that occurs once we have experienced injury and insult, is dramatically effected by the internal landscape we engage with.   This landscape is formulated in our early years before we begin to understand we have a choice as to how our body and mind can operate.

Our physical body will act out our experiences of safety and those of fear without us being conscious of it.  If we begin with the process of creating feelings of safety in the body, the mind can follow the physiologic shifts that occur in a body whose nervous system is balanced and centered.  The mind can then begin to make the wise choices that come from intuition, grounded reasoning and genuine connection to others; rather than fear based reactions.

The avenue for this is focused observation through the felt sense.  If we discipline ourselves to practice somatic (body) connection when we find ourselves in a hyper vigilant state we can shift from emotional reactivity to intentional decision making.  From this place we can take action based on all the available possibilities in our sphere of the present rather than the limitations of our past.  We know we are hyper vigilant when we don’t look up to see what’s around us or we have tunnel vision.  When we are preoccupied with time rather than calmly aware of it we are overstimulated.  If we make plans, but don’t trust in the unfolding of these, we are in overdrive.  All of these states inhibit our creative energy and cause physical strain in the body.  Here’s how to start being more mindful of you in the present…

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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