Stuck in the Body…Stuck in Emotion

As our physical body presents restriction to us in the form of pain or discomfort, we tend to find ourselves in a postural position that reflects this sensation.  Our body and emotions tend to mirror the experience of limitation with one another.  We can use the avenue of the body or mind to access peace and creative problem solving, but if you can’t get the body on board with your desired goals it will enact the old program and keep you stuck.

So do we have to re-track though the events that cause us to get stuck?  The answer is no.  The body presents the interpretation of how we end up perceiving ourselves in light of our experiences.  We work with the physical body’s sensations and the emotions that show up to shift to a pattern of freedom and peace in the body and ultimately the mind.  We begin from the standpoint that we can access goodness in the body at all times regardless of feelings of challenge.

Why can this work to create sustainable release?  Because the restrictions are bound energy in the form of fibrous connective tissue in the body.  When the physical body feels innately well, the nervous system and organism as a whole will understand that visiting challenging physical and emotional “stickiness” is not the death of itself.  The locales of discomfort can move from their spot because they will not overwhelm the body and mind of the individual.  And as we release, we can consciously choose different ways of behaving in our body and mind.  We are not trying to “convince” the body we are well, we are demonstrating it by accessing good sensation through a number of different exercises. This is why the concept of resourcing is so potent.

And the juxtaposition of movement with stillness allows us to feel more…more than just our dis-ease so wellness can be an experience.  See how to set yourself up for this process of release…

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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