Why Feeling Matters

Learning and changing how we live life is not just a matter of going through a rote sequence of actions.  We must have a sense of our self and how we relate to our world to know how to adjust our actions to make the changes we seek.  In my last blog I explained how MoYo Movement came to be.  And I’d like to hit home the why of feeling more as we live life.

Our bodies and minds are well equipped to respond to the stimulus we take in.  If we are not doing this at a conscious level, the body/mind will find its own way of reacting to our world.  This may not always be the healthiest way for our body or emotions to engage.  Of course we cannot literally feel everything we experience in every moment and consciously control every action.  We need to create automaticity for many of our actions/functions so we can achieve other goals without having to think about every step we take.  However, in this more frequent attention to mindful movement lies the capacity for greater present moment focus.  And even though a goal of mindful movement is to move better more automatically, being intentionally present in each moment gives opportunity for finding improved ways of moving…and behaving.

So when pain is great enough that we cannot ignore it, we then become reactionary to it.  Our nervous system generally gets over stimulated and we tend to cope poorly with the discomfort.  In contrast if we make it a habit to be present each moment and feel sensation in our body when it’s more subtle, then we can keep our nervous system more even keel.  At this point we are able to meet the pain with awareness and focus on the possibilities of resolution.  This change can happen by feeling into tension patterns and letting them go (with somatic practice) or staying curious (rather than judgmental) to the options for seeking help.  And this body awareness serves us not only to release what we don’t need, but enables us to feel what best helps us build the body/mind.

They say that hindsight is 20/20.  These can be lessons which have immense value if we choose learning.   And…if we used more of our foresight by feeling in the present moment, we stay connected to ourselves, others and our environment with the intuitive sense that gives us good decision making.  Feeling truly matters.

Annette Bray

Annette guides clients through movement using postural awareness techniques and the modality of yoga to bring physical and mental balance.

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